The Choices We Make

It’s not always the cheapest or easiest choice that is right.

At my age I know this, or should know this, but once again I got sucked into the trap of “surely they will be fine”.

Having finally made the huge decision to move to a new house the time had come. I started making all the enquiries with removalists and cleaners being on top of the list. As with most of us I asked for referrals from friends and on face book and had many quality cleaners referred. Slowly I worked through the list of cleaners that friends had recommended only to find every single one that I phoned was at full capacity and just could not possibly take on any more work at this time.

So, I turned to air tasker only to be inundated with offers – that’s when the alarm bells should have started. If they were any good how come they had capacity for more work? A day of cleaning ranged from $300 to $900 and no I did not choose the cheapest – now that would have been ridiculous to expect any quality of work. I chose the $425 and went with the extras on top which included window cleaning and carpet shampooing. The cleaner sounds so lovely on the phone and as she explained she really needed the work.

I knew I had found a ‘good deal’ giving me peace of mind that I could leave the work to someone else whilst I could start setting up our new home.

Mistake number 1 – no references from previous work.

My cleaner arrived nice and early and what a little dynamo, I was impressed. Starting on the oven she pulled it all apart and put the racks and any removable parts into a big tub then outside to the garden hose. Scrubbing away merrily and I said my good-bye and that I’d pop in a little later to see how she was going.

Half an hour later the first text, “just having to pop out for a little bit, be back in half an hour.” All fine with me, nothing to worry about. Several hours later I dropped over to our old home, no cleaner and no further work done. Alarm bells starting ringing at this stage, plus I had paid her in advance.

Mistake number 2 – I paid the total up front for the cleaning.

I telephoned my cleaner who was all apologies, “something has cropped up that I have to tend to so I will be cleaning during the night to make sure I get all your cleaning done.” Of course, I understood saying that would be fine. Next morning when I again drove over guess what? No cleaning!

This saga continued until enough was enough and my husband and I finished off the cleaning ourselves. A further lesson was if they want the money up front only pay 50%.

Now for the removalists. In this case I did choose the cheapest because they came well recommended from people I knew and trusted. All I can say is, “they were cowboys.” Stuff got broken during the move, little things that did not really matter, what mattered though is that they didn’t tell us they just hid the broken items in larger items. Sneaky behaviour is something I just cannot understand or tolerate.

When it comes to choices, what about clothes. Thankfully, I learnt that lesson long ago. The cheapest usually means the item was made in a sweat factory where people are being exploited. I always look at where the clothing was made, at the quality of the item and is the manufacturer ethical.

I could go on and on with choices. Friends, my time, work and even thoughts.

Our choices define so much about us and above is a snippet of mine.

Some choices that I have only just re-learnt.

Alison McGrath


This post was by my friend Alison, I thought this was such a reminder for us to stop and think when we are making choices about all areas of our life.

Stay strong and let’s grow together remembering kind is a BIG word.

Karyn XXOX

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