My Morning Routine, What’s Yours?

Good Morning Karyn….

To some of you this may sound fluffy, contrived, but it’s what I’ve learned along the way, chosen what works for me and I try to follow this every morning, weekends included. It is one of the ways I have learned to be kind to myself.

Once your morning routine becomes a habit you will be pleasantly surprised. I know I was but don’t get me wrong, it is not easy and some days I give in and stay in bed. Although these are now becoming much less.

  1. I’m awake, but I keep my eyes closed thinking about what day it is, how I am feeling, what was it that I did yesterday that was beautiful? If I hadn’t taken the time to enjoy it then this allows me to now.

  2. Still, with my eyes closed I’ll lengthen my body from top to toe, a big long backstretch. Wiggle my fingers and toes and then eyes open. Before I put my feet on the floor I think of something that makes me smile.

  3. Out of bed putting on my exercise clothes (which are laid out ready beside my bed), pick up my notebook and glass of apple cider and lemon water, sit in one of my favourite chairs and write out what I am grateful for. This simple practice has been profound for me. It has made me stop and ponder on what grateful means to me. It’s all the small things that I was taking for granted. Writing them down, for me is confirming what I’m thinking. If you don’t already acknowledge your gratefulness, please give it a try. This special quiet time also opens my creative mind.

  4. It’s then time for physical exercise. Depending on the day this may vary but generally, it’s a very fast walk 5 to 8 kms with my buddy dog, Buster. Every second day once home I then do a light weights workout in my back garden. I love this part of my day, often before most people are out of bed. It gives me that endorphin high and clears my head ready to meet the day. This early exercise is meditation for me. I kept beating myself for not sitting cross-legged and meditating. Everything I read and many people saying how we must meditate, but no matter how hard I tried I just felt I couldn’t do it. When a friend explained that meditation is only what works for each individual in various forms is when I realised, I had been meditating all along simply through doing my daily long walks with Buster.

  5. Then it’s coffee or green tea time. I have my favourite brews which include added extras, then as often as possible, I sit in my favourite seat way down at the bottom of our garden. Enjoying the peace and savouring my coffee or tea.

My Morning Routine, What’s Yours?
My Morning Routine, What’s Yours?

So that’s my morning routine. However, from time to time, I oversleep then jump out of bed like a whirlwind showering, dressing, grabbing my coffee on the run and rushing off.

One thing I know for absolutely sure is when I don’t consciously practice my gratefulness when I first wake and set my intention for my day then the day just does not flow. Problems big and small are noticeable and challenges of any degree outweigh my purpose.

I’ve taught myself that it is ok to oversleep at times, but I need to stop and think about why I missed my morning ritual. Hands down the reason each time has been when I had been burning the candle at both ends. There are no prizes for depriving oneself of sleep. I also know my productivity is at its lowest if I push myself through ridiculous hours.

Is it time to consider your morning routine?

Stay strong and let’s grow together remembering kind is a BIG word.



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