My Client Discovery Session

I decided to do a discovery session today – nothing formal just wanting to try and uncover something different about a few of my clients. I know I am a hairdresser however it is really important to me that my clients leave my salon feeling they got something more than a new hairstyle from me and I am better for having had them in my salon.

What were they experiencing / thinking / feeling over the last three months?

I chose three very different clients to chat with, two females and one male.

By the end of my discovery session, I realised each of these clients had come from a similar place.

  • Feeling unwell a lot of the time

  • Questioning why they were in the job or running the business they were in

  • A feeling of helplessness at times

  • Not looking after themselves emotionally and/or physically

  • Weight gain or loss

At this point, I realised these three people had not been aware of all this going on internally. They were working long hours, looking after family, running around after others, and doing the best they could.

The five elements above are real and all too common. If we do not address these issues sooner than later it may be the unmaking of a business, a relationship, or the start of a downward spiral of ill health. Or worse all three.

That’s all well and good to list these problems but what do can we do about them? Especially as we are not usually aware it is happening to us.

My Client Discovery Session
My Client Discovery Session

That question is not easy to answer however here are my thoughts.

  1. Make it a daily rule, that no matter how busy or tired you are, you still will learn something new every day around business.

  2. Read some articles on growth, health and innovation. Listen to a range of podcasts that uplift, educate, or simply just entertain you. My favourite podcasts at the moment are On Purpose with Jay Shetty, Unlocking Us with Brene Brown and Ultimate Health. Only today I’ve discovered Mamamia and loving it also.

  3. Keep an open mind to what you may learn and by doing this you will be surprised that different ‘stuff’ will resonate with you. It will prompt you to think and then to take action to improve your situation.

Why not give at least one of these tips a try? You have nothing to lose and lots to gain.

Your key takeaways

Learn something new every single day

Maintain an open mind to knowledge and learning

Be kind to yourself and make the time for you every day.

Put on your own oxygen mask first

Stay strong, grow together and remember kind is a Big Word.



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