Just Be Nice

Some people just get what I am about. We connect and they have my back, I know I can depend on them. I asked one of these friends, Alison, to write a blog post for me. Love to hear your comments.

Stay strong and let’s grow together remembering kind is a BIG word.

Karyn xxox


Just Be Nice

How we treat people makes such a difference – in business and personal life.

All it takes is to ‘just be nice’ and you may just be surprised how good it makes you feel.


Nice person: Somebody who does things for other people without benefit to themselves.

I recently took a tumble whilst out for my late afternoon run. Actually, it was a HEAVY thud and slide along an uneven footpath.

Tuesday evening, out for my daily jog – a little later than usual as I had been working with a client for longer than I normally would in one day. Glued to my computer, phone and second screen for the zoom video link. By the time I got out there were lots of cars on the busy main road, everyone trying to get home through the regular peak hour traffic. A beautiful mild evening, my music in my ears and feeling relaxed and in my own space. I ran past a young woman who appeared to be either heading to or from walk. She had her lunch box hanging over her shoulder, I even remember what she wore. I don’t usually take that much notice; I remember having to go off the footpath to run around her.

Not much further along is when I went for my not so gracious tumble. The best I could do was sit up. I felt dazed and just sat there, meanwhile this woman walked onto the grass area off the footpath and pretended to not see me. There was no way in this whole wide world could she not have seen me. I am still stunned by this. How could she not stop and just be nice?

I sat there for quite some time – maybe fifteen minutes. My knee was bleeding and I was in so much pain with my arm. Remember I said it was busy traffic, peak hour, yes it was, and no car pulled over either. Maybe no one saw me fall or maybe they were all just desperate to get home.

I have always stopped and helped others. I’ve pulled my car over, I’ve helped someone along a walking trail who’d fallen, I’ve reached out to help others. Isn’t that what we do, show some kindness and ‘be nice’? Obviously, it is not what everyone does. to. If you feel you cannot assist for whatever reason take the time to stop someone nearby and ask them would they assist. Just think, imagine if that was you injured, and no one stopped.

This morning I’ve found myself sitting, reflecting on why people can’t just ‘be nice’? A smile as you walk past someone, a good-morning, a hello – just some sort of acknowledgement. It is easy to be so self-focused and not take in what is around you.

I always have thought myself as a ‘nice person’, but I’ve realised that’s not always been the case albeit unintentionally, especially when busy in work mode.

I’m lucky that I get to work in varied workplaces. A range of businesses and with that comes that sense of responsibility to not just turn up and do what I’m paid to do but to ‘be nice’ to everyone. I don’t have to form great friendships and get into full-on conversations, but I do need to acknowledge the employees, say hello, how are you? Words that make people feel ‘nice’ but mean it when I say it.

I realised I was not ‘being nice.’

I’ve recently been working in an environment where there are several low skilled workers. I found myself being judgmental – not being horrible to anyone just simply ignoring these workers. I was looking at their exterior of general scruffy appearance, teeth needing attention and clothes that were a little worse for wear. It took but one of these workers to turn this around.

After being there for several days on and off, I walked onto the shop floor one morning and was greeted with a “good morning, how are you”. I was surprised and responded back only to be met with more greetings. It didn’t take long before we were having a general banter and chit chat whenever I was there.

These guys were friendly, down to earth blokes that just happened to be a little rough around the edges. Who was I to judge, but worse how dare I not show the kindness and respect that I would if I had walked into a corporate office? I know it was an unconscious judgement, but it still happened. When I realised, I wasn’t being nice I felt so disappointed in myself.

Can you be too nice?

Especially in business, some believe if you are too nice you will be seen as a pushover. You can be assertive and have your own viewpoint but still, be nice - just be aware of self. Allowing yourself to be nice to others is an endearing trait but remember to take the time to be nice to yourself as well.

Trying to give too much with a focus on others can lead to an unhealthy, unhappy you. Don’t let the wrong people drain your emotions and your time.

So being nice can have its own set of difficulties, but difficulties I believe can be worked with when you are aware.

In this sometimes-difficult world of business and life what a difference we could make if we all consciously were nicer to each other and to those we don’t know.

What can you do today to ‘be nice’? It is worth that little effort.

Alison McGrath


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